Spirit Bound release day looms

May 12, 2010


Spirit Bound is the 5th installment in the Vampire Academy series, which has been gaining a huge following, particularly with teen readers, all while managing to avoid the silliness found in the ‘why do you like Twilight‘ rants.

The entire series so far is a wonderful “Teen Paranormal Romance” that manages to cross the generation gap to be enjoyed by adult readers as well as teens (although more so after book 1 as we get into more of the long term story and less of the build-up and peer dynamics).

Yes, it gets those horrid “if you like Twilight, you’ll like this…” reviews. But it really shouldn’t be compared to Twilight on ‘literary’ style. Although the readership is similar, the whole story concept is very different. For starters this is set in the vampire world, not the human world, and more importantly, our main heroine is a strong character. The series deals with more ‘real world’ situations which gives it a more believable feel, in a fantastical sense.

Richelle Mead is a very talented author who also has two adult series; Dark Swan, an action-packed urban fantasy series and Georgina Kincaid, a sexy paranormal romance series. All of her series’ are very well written, but each is slightly different in writing style and language as well as being very different in actual story and content. As an adult reader I have enjoyed everything she’s written and I am impressed with the diversity of her writing style.

If you haven’t yet started the Vampire Academy series, you really must give it a go. It’s relatively light but does manage to pull of some great twists and moments of intensity. We’ve got excerpts for all of the books, so there’s no excuse not to try one!

Book 1: Vampire Academy
Book 2: Frostbite
Book 3: Shadow Kiss
Book 4: Blood Promise
Book 5: Spirit Bound

But, of course, if you’ve already started this series, then you too will be eagerly awaiting the release of Spirit Bound after that horrible tease of an ending in Blood Promise.

Make sure you get your pre-order in quickly and Tuesday morning might see you calling in sick.

Read an excerpt from Spirit Bound | Buy Spirit Bound | More details on Spirit Bound


  • Jean Bitsui May 30, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Fantastic Info. Tweeted about it. I’ll bookmark this post too.

  • Team Adrian May 16, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Love this series! Got mine pre-ordered and can’t wait to see what Rose does with Dimirti – Hope she ditches him and goes for Adrian, now the Dimirti’s gone all evil vamp, Adrian has still got the bad boy thing.
    Go team Adrian!