Tracking the Tempest By Author Nicole PeelerBook Title: Tracking the Tempest
Jane True # 2

Author: Nicole Peeler

Jane True, our newest urban fantasy star, returns in the eagerly-anticipated follow-up to TEMPEST RISING.

Jane True has almost come to terms with her supernatural heritage . . . almost.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and Ryu – Jane’s bloodsucking boyfriend – can’t let a major holiday go by without getting all gratuitous. An overwhelming dose of boyfriend interference and a last-minute ticket to Boston later, and Jane’s life is thrown off course.

Ryu’s well-intentioned plans create mayhem, and Jane winds up embroiled in an investigation involving a spree of gruesome killings. All the evidence points towards another Halfling, much to Jane’s surprise . . .


Format: B-format Paperback ,352 pages
ISBN: 9780356500690
Publisher: Orbit
Publication Date: September 14, 2011


If you’ve read the first in this great series by Nicole Peeler, you’re going to be eager to curl up with the second instalment about Jane True, if you haven’t, don’t worry, you’ll be wanting to backtrack right after finishing this.

Although most of the background character development was done in the first book, and isn’t duplicated here, in Tracking the Tempest we are more focused on Jane as a magical being, her developing powers, and her emotional, and physical, relationship with Ryu.

We’re seeing a really interesting story arc develop now, and although each book is a complete story in itself, the series arc is getting really interesting and throwing more and more twists at us.

I did find Tracking the Tempest to be pretty sedately paced initially, but there was always a sense of build up to the grande finale, and this gave Ms Peeler plenty of time to really mess around with this readers emotions.

Nicole writes very emotionally involving characters, love them or hate them, it’s almost impossible to feel blaze about any of them. In particular Nicole seems to really enjoy playing with the idea of good can be bad and the bad guy can be the good guy, or the bad guy can also be the really, really, bad guy. It’s these additional layers to the characters that really keep the pages turning.

Well, until the action kicks in.

The other thing Ms Peeler does really well is make sure that the reader has their heart in their mouth for quite some time after turning the last page. Not that there is a cliff-hanger ending at all, just that it will take an hour or two, a cup of tea, and perhaps a lie down, before the brain catches up to everything that it’s just read. She really knows how to write action packed climatic endings.

Overall, a very enjoyable paranormal romance, I could have lived without the sex scenes, but we all know I tend to just skip all but the most interesting.

If you haven’t tried this series yet, you’re missing out on something truly fun.