An Amish Wedding By Authors Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller , Beth WisemanBook Title: An Amish Wedding

Author: Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller , Beth Wiseman

Three best-selling authors. Three possible brides. Three separate tales. They come together for an Amish wedding.

Priscilla King has dreamed of being married to Chester Lapp since she was sixteen. With the help of her sister Naomi’s matchmaking skills, Chester proposes to Priscilla on her nineteenth birthday. As the wedding day approaches, problems emerge: an attendant with poison ivy, a failed celery crop, and a torn wedding dress.

At the same time, Priscilla’s best friend Rose is convinced her fiance is hiding something and she is intent on discovering the truth at any cost.

Naomi remains hopeful that she, too, will soon find her perfect match. When Chester’s cousin shows up, there’s an immediate attraction between him and Naomi-as well as an obstacle that may just as immediately derail their blossoming love.

Is God sending a message to stop the wedding? What is certain is that the hearts of these three women will be forever transformed by this touching Amish wedding.

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781595549211
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
Publication Date: November 29, 2011



An Amish Wedding is a delightful set of three novella’s written by three talented authors, with each story complete in itself, but forming a continuation to the world, so we get to really know the characters from all angles, and form solid attachments to them. The central theme throughout is Priscilla’s wedding to Chester, and everything that could go wrong in the lead up to their wedding, does… but some of those problems allow true love to be found for their friends…after all, it’s all Gods Will in An Amish Wedding.

A Perfect Plan by Beth Wiseman

An Amish robin-hood and the Amish lass who wants to be in on the mystery…

Rose is struggling a bit, she is about to get married to the man she thinks of as her best friend but she’s plagued with doubts and is feeling a little repressed and trapped. Luke loves Rose, but is still grieving over his mother’s death two years ago. He hides it well, but maybe too well, and he feels forced to repress who he is out of a sense of duty, which ends up causing him to hide even more things.

What do you do when you love the person you’re supposed to marry, but have doubts about whether it’s a romantic love, or merely the love one has for a brother? Get up to all sorts of mischief! Rose is an amusing character, a little hair-brained, but she’s really just struggling to find who she is, and how her inner self fits with her Amish beliefs.

My only issue is that Rose is a pretty lousy friend, will all the drama in her life is going on she’s completely neglectful of her poor friend Pricilla, who’s having the wedding from hell, and could desperately use the help and support of her friend and attendant. But I guess it does add a little more authenticity to the story.

Luke is just adorable; he’s the sort of man we’d all love, hidden secrets, good heart, strong and independent, but fiercely loyal and dedicated. Ahh, if only he were a little more romantic; or maybe it just takes the right woman to show him that romance is a good thing?

Overall, this is a darn good, short, read; just a beautiful uplifting story. Like all good Amish romances it was not preachy, but lead by example, to create a heart warming story full of love, lessons and even some pretty good twists.

The Perfect Match by Kathleen Fuller

The second story is pure romance, and poor Pricilla is still having a bugger of a time with this wedding. Although The Perfect Match is a little more predictable, this story is just a warm hug of a romance. With Naomi, who’s been hurt before and Zeke, who’s been waiting for miss right while battling off matchmaking mammas and their eligible daughters.

There is lots of “leave it to god” type dialogue, which gets a little tired; although the biggest annoyance was the constant reference to Naomi not being able to “go through that again” but in an attempt to built up suspense we don’t find out what “that” was until the end.

With a build up towards the third book, and a development of the first, The Perfect Match does suffer from middle child syndrome, but it really is light, fun and easy to read.

The Perfect Secret by Kelly Long

I had a few moments of confusion as The Perfect Secret started with a flash back, which in book that builds up like this one, was probably understandable confusion. By the time we get to this story we’ve already got so much invested in Pricilla’s wedding, which made this the most painful to read as it’s really just a constant list of things that can go wrong in planning for a wedding.

If you’ve ever watched those funniest home videos and found your heart breaking for those poor brides who’ve fallen in water, had their wedding cake trampled, had their dress ruined by muddy dogs…then you’ll understand exactly the pain and suffering you’ll go through reading this story. Yet through everything that could be thrown at Pricilla and Chester, their love for each other never falters…just their faith that their getting married is the right thing.

The Perfect Secret is a very “lesson” filled story, but still a nice ending. If you’re one to cry at weddings, you’ll enjoy the romance in this story, but do have your box of tissues ready *sniff* Just lovely.