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Introducing our newest YA reviewer, and Claudia Grays latest fan…

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

We are delighted to introduce a new reviewer to our team here at Fangtastic Fiction.

Kaila is our new ‘teen reviewer’ so will be focusing on Young Adult and Tween fiction. Although poor Kaila already has quite the TBR pile, if you have a title you’d like her to review just drop us a line. We’ve just started to introduce her to the world  of vampires, werewolves, and things that go bump in the night, and she’ll be letting us know if the title is suitable for younger readers, as well as letting us know if it’s an enjoyable read.

If you’ve got a young adult in your life you’ll want to keep an eye on Kaila’s reviews.

So, without further delay…

Kaila’s Thoughts on Fateful by Claudia Gray

Fateful By Claudia GrayFateful is a great mixture of romance and action.

The story is diary based, and is written from the point of view of a servant-maid, named Tess Davies. Tess works for Irene, the daughter of an English aristocracy family. They’re all aboard the Titanic. While Irene stays in the luxury of first class, Tess is forced to share a 3rd class cabin with 3 other people.

Not long after boarding, Tess meets a handsome and wealthy young man, Alec Marlowe, and it’s not long before they fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, Alec is being stalked by a very dangerous Russian gentleman, Mikhail, and they both share a secret; Mikhail and Alec are both werewolves.

Mikhail plans to kill Alec and Tess as well as steal from Irene’s family treasures, a very special item that may put Alec in deep danger.

Before they land in New York, the Titanic heads into great danger.

I quite liked the twists in the story, and I also liked the descriptions of the Titanic, especially how the 3rd class cabins looked and felt, and the 1st class dining rooms. (It was so cool.)

Tess and Alec were two very well written characters, especially Tess. She is brave, polite, independent, but at times quite useless.

The book was well written, and describes in great detail what it would have been like to be a maid on the Titanic.

I recommend the book to mainly girls 12+ as this story is written for more secondary-school students, as there are a few violent parts, some romance and quite a bit of swearing.



Book Title: Fateful

Author: Claudia Gray


The RMS TITANIC might be the most luxurious ship in the world, but all passenger Tess Davies wants

to do is escape her dreary existence as a maid. Trapped in a web of painful memories and twisted family secrets, Tess vows to make a run for it as soon as the ship reaches New York. A new world awaits … and a new life!

Her single-minded obsession shatters when she meets Alec. Handsome and mysterious, he captivates her immediately — but Alec has secrets of his own. As she uncovers the darkness lurking beneath his sophisticated surface, Tess discovers a horrifying truth. Werewolves, once only the stuff of nightmares, are real– and they are stalking Alec. Tess?s love for Alec puts her in mortal peril, but an even greater danger lies in front of her before their journey on the TITANIC is over …

Format: Trade (UK) Paperback ,352 pages
ISBN: 9780732294281
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: September 01, 2011