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Blood Lines  

Book Title: Blood Lines
Moon Children # 3

Author: Eileen Wilks

Read an excerpt from Blood Lines

Format: Paperback , 352 pages
ISBN: 9780425213445
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: January 03, 2008

Product Information

Touch-sensitive FBI agent Lily Yu and her werewolf bond-mate are recruited by the Secret Service to help identify elected officials who have accepted demonic pacts. But Lily must turn to fellow agent Cynna Weaver for help when Cynna's former teacher, a demon master, emerges as the main suspect behind the pacts.

After a demon commits a gruesome murder, sorcerer Cullen Seabourne joins the team racing the clock to find the apprentice of evil who uses demons to kill. Cynna and Cullen must work together—a challenge indeed when each has good reason to ignore the desire simmering between them. But passion and events both spiral out of control as an ancient prophecy is fulfilled-and the lupi's greatest enemy sets her sights on total devastation...



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Customer Reviews

Ali 2010-04-04

Blood lines is a nice light read, with plenty of action and drama, a bit of emotional turmoil, a bit of magic and a whole lot of grandmother... yes, finally we get to find the secrets that grandmother has been hiding...or, at least, shes back on the scene.

Grandmother Yu being one of my favourite characters in this story means I am just in love with this instalment of this series. She is, of course, just part of the subplot. But oh, what a plot weve got for you in this book!

Unsurprisingly, the relationship between Lily and Rule is still developing and once Rule started to have a few realisations I did resist the urge to roll my eyes and tell Rule to just get over himself... out loud at any rate. However, their relationship still has that friendly loving bond with plenty of jibes.

Im arguing because my hip hurts and Im an ass. Youre arguing because youre worried about me. And because Im an ass.

More important in this instalment is the interaction between Cullen and Cynna.

I have to say, firstly, I adore Cullen. Hes my second favourite character after Grandmother. Hes a rogue, and to (mis)quote Grandmother, every woman loves a pretty rogue. Hes witty, charming and so completely full of himself that he just becomes cute and adorable too. Cynna, Im just not so keen on. Shes a tough nut to crack and we havent really been given much of a chance to get to know her so far, shes more just a background character whos full of attitude and rage, which I just find annoying.

One thing I really have loved about this series so far is the underlying thread that carries on through the overall series. In the last one we were left with what happened in hell to deal with. In this, yes, that issue gets resolved, but were left with a whole new set of problems to deal with in the next book. But this is all achieved without a cliff hanger ending. The immediate story is tied up neatly, but were left with room for the back story to now come to the front. Well, actually, there is a bit of a cliff hanger ending in this one, but its not what you think.

If you havent yet started this series, you really must try. If youve been reading the previous books, this one wont disappoint. These are very enjoyable books with just a bit of everything, mystery, suspense, drama, love, passion, crime, guns, fighting, magic even dragons and demons. All with a well written plot and a multitude of great characters that get intermingled so you cant get bored, most definitely a keeper series.

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